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Same Day Web Design

No more thinking about it.
No more going back-and-forth with designs & approvals.
A professionally designed website … all in a days’s work.

Some folks like to take their time and really dive into their new website. But others need one NOW and don’t have the time to go through a series of reviews and revisions.

With a same-day web design, you get the same professional website … but it’s completed in a day’s time. We spend the day together. It’s hard work! But it’s an awesome feeling when the site is launched at the end of the day and you know it’s ALL DONE!

Honestly, it’s a lot of work AND it’s a lot of fun. 

We can spend the day together at my office or yours – but the host is responsible for lunch 😉 I’ll order some pizza if we meet at mine. 

We get started at 8 am. We go through your documents, photos, logo, etc., and start designing. I do all the heavy lifting at this point, but you are there to:

  • Answer Questions
  • Review Content
  • Approve Designs
  • Suggest Changes
  • Provide Feedback

After lunch, we continue to work hard. Then we start to wrap it up by 4 pm so I can do the final behind-the-scenes tasks. By 5 pm, we’re DONE! Your site is complete and live for the world to see … and THAT is an amazing feeling.

That would be awesome wouldn’t it? But no, not all websites can. Bigger, more complex websites that include complicated plugins require more than “one day.” Sites that include e-commerce are also excluded from this option. If you’re wondering if your site would qualify, feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss. 

Nope. It’s all part of the design fee. 

The objective behind this option is to have your site launched by 5pm so you don’t have to do anything else after that. Your design fee is based on whether or not we’ll be designing your site in a day. If on the off chance that more time is required, then additional fees may apply. Having your checklist of required items ready (see below) will help us finish your site by 5pm. 

I’ve created a checklist below for you to check off to make sure you’re ready.

Sure! There might be times when I’m knee-deep in the design process and don’t need you right away so if you want to bring a book, shoot a Tik-Tok video, or work from your laptop to stay connected to your day job, that’s just fine. 

I really like the fact that I could be there at 8 in the morning sit down with Cody, and go over the different kinds of options for the layout, choose the photos, choose the font styles, and choose the colors. And with that, we had a basic plan of action and with Cody’s professional design and creativity we were able to put together a great website that fits my needs for my business … and we were able to launch it after lunchtime and I was still able to be at home with my family for the rest of the evening. 

Matt Miller

Here’s what you’ll need for your same-day web design experience: 

  • Hosting. You’ll need to have this taken care of beforehand. If it’s a new website, then I’ll work with you over the phone to get this set up. It takes about 10 minutes. You can learn more about what this entails by clicking here. If you have an existing site that’s being re-designed, I’ll need to have your login credentials so I can have things ready to hit the ground running on our scheduled date. 
  • Domain: Same as above. We need to have this set up ahead of time. Not a problem if it’s a site re-design. If it’s a new site, we just need to take care of this along with the hosting (see above).
  • Questionnaires: Once your contract is signed and a deposit made, you’ll receive a link to a folder with questionnaires to walk you through the copy and content needed for the site. Filling them out during our all-day event reduces the amount of time we’ll have to create the website. 
  • Photos: You can upload them to the same folder mentioned above. Or you can bring them in on a flash drive. I’ll then compress them and transfer them to your new website. 
  • Colors: It’s helpful if you already know the colors you want to use. If not, we can work together to find the ideal colors. You can use this website to find complimentary colors. 
  • Logo: If you already have your logo, you can upload it the above mentioned folder. While we can design a simple logo for you during this time, it may take away from valuable design time for the website. 

This was my 2nd website I have done with Cody and let me tell you, this was the most outstanding experience ever when it comes to technology. I chose to do the design a website in one day option, and it was by far the best option for someone like me. What do I mean by that? I have a hard time visualizing or even explaining the vision I have for my website. So, being able to be right there with Cody and talk through what I was thinking and then watch as he took my scrambled words and made them into something beautiful was truly unbelievable! He is an incredible listener, and his discernment skills are top notch. As he was designing, I could immediately see what he was putting on the website and knew immediately whether I liked it or didn’t. It made the process so much easier and smoother for me. I just have to say….CODY HAS SKILLS!! HE IS GIFTED!! I AM THRILLED BEYOND MEASURE!! Do the build it in one day option if you are like me, you won’t regret it.

Marci Almond

I’m excited. Let’s do it! 
Reach out to me and see if your site qualifies and if so, we’ll schedule a day and make it happen.


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