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Success Story - The CPA

How do you create a professional website when you’re first setting up a new business? 

Travis was in the beginning phases of starting his new CPA business in Hamilton. He knew that his business would need a new website and he needed help in setting up a new website.

He found Touch Point Designs by searching on Google and reached out to me through my website. He said, “I was looking online at doing this myself, but I am starting to think I might be better to hire a professional for this. With so much on his plate in setting up his business, he didn’t have the time to set up a professional site himself.

Why was it important for him to have a website? “I was looking for some way to increase an online presence for advertising and marketing. Even if I am doing google or facebook ads, I want them to be directed to a location that gives a better idea of the services I offer than what can be included in a quick online advertisement.

Travis needed something that looked professional. “I started designing something with some “free” online tools, but I realized I wasn’t creating something that looked professional or refined. Since this is the first point of contact for me in the online world, that first impression can make or break the initial sales pitch. I wanted it simple and easy to find my contact info, I wanted a place for potential clients to submit a request for information or a consult, I needed a link to my online portal.

The website needed to be up and running prior to the busy tax season. Having never created a website before, he didn’t have a set budget. “I did compare the monthly maintenance costs with some national Accounting/CPA specialists and the price with Touch Point Designs is very comparable.

Working together with Travis, the design process went smoothly. I sent him some homework assignments to help prepare the content in his own words and vernacular. He said, “Cody has a well laid out questionnaire that asks some questions to describe me, my business, and my services. The questions required quite a bit of thought, but was very helpful in putting down my vision for what I wanted in the website. The questionnaire also brought up questions that I hadn’t thought of to add more insight into me and my business.

I spent the next few weeks working on and designing the website. Travis and I worked backed and forth on the design till it met his approval and went live the following month.

What kind of feedback has he received since the site went live? “All positive feedback so far. Lots of people like the layout and the simplicity to reach out to me and set up an appointment. I have received several new clients that reached out to me through the website.” 

The website has helped Travis’s new business. “It makes it simple for me to direct clients/potential clients to an online spot to transfer documents to me. I have several clients that are not in the local area, so it makes it easier for me to communicate with out-of-town clients and pass documents securely. It will make an easy point of contact to receive documents from clients & hopefully continue to bring new clients in.

Every great website starts with a conversation

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