7 Business Problems Videos Can Solve

Videos are an awesome way to take your business from good to great. What’s even better is that they’re easy to create, whether you hire someone to shoot a professionally edited video or you shoot them yourself. You don’t have to have all the high-tech, latest-and-greatest camera gear to do so either. With just the phone in your pocket you can create great videos to address some of the problems listed below. So are you ready? Let’s talk about how you can overcome these 7 business problems that videos can solve. 

Problem No. 01: Your Brand or Business Comes Off as Cold or Sterile 

Is there really a person that works behind the scenes? What is the owner like? What are their values? With a short 60-90 second video you can introduce yourself (or your team), tell your story, talk about your passion. Here’s an example of an “About Us” video I did for Fisher Family Construction: 

Problem No. 02: Facebook’s Declining Reach

Back in the day when Facebook was new (and awesome) you could post something to your business page and everyone that followed you would see what you posted. Not anymore. Now, you’re lucky to get about 2% of your followers to see your posts. While you can “Boost” your post to have more viewers, you can also use video.s. They’re more appealing, reach larger audiences and they get more likes, shares & comments which in turn leads to even more views. This is one of my most popular posts on Facebook. Why? It’s a video (and it’s funny):

Problem No. 03: Generating More Leads

Who doesn’t want to grow their business? By using videos in your marketing strategy, you can create content that’s easy to share with others. As a “call-to-action” at the end of the video, you can even direct them to a specific landing page on your website for more effective marketing. 

Problem No. 04: Having to Train New Employees

Rather than going through the same training experience over and over again, why not create a video series? My friend Coco created an amazing video series that she now sells to restaurant owners that teaches new waiters & waitresses how to do their jobs. You can see the course she created and a sample video here

Problem No. 05: A Slow Buyer’s Journey

Getting a customer to finally buy your product or service can be a long process. It’s called the Customer Journey (read this article to learn more). Need to move them through the funnel faster? Include videos in the process. Customers are more than 4x likely to watch a video than they are to read text … and they’re 85% more likely to buy from you after watching a video. 

Problem No. 06: Buyer’s Resistance

Customers have their hang-ups, concerns and objections. They’re holding out on buying from you for a reason. Address those concerns with videos. These can be in the form of a video testimonial (SO much better than a written one!) or as a number of short FAQ videos. Once posted, you can send customers to them with a specific link to address their concerns. Here’s one of my favorite testimonials from Knut at the Ravalli Fun Center: 

Problem No. 07: Ineffective Cold Calling

Picking up the phone and cold calling can be hard, much less effective. Instead, shoot a personal video for your potential client. Mention them by name. Address their specific pain points. Then easily send it in an email (using the Vidyard app – my favorite). You’ll be amazed at the results when they know the video was created specifically for them. 

Do any of these problems (and solutions) resonate with you and your business? They’re pretty easy to implement. In most cases, you can simply shoot a video with your phone, post it to YouTube and then link it to your website. It really is that simple! Of course you can always hire someone (like myself – here’s a link to my video page: www.touchpointvideoservices.com) and we can create a professional video for your website. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about how you can use video to help grow your business. 

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