7 Ways to Improve the Copy on Your Website

Can you imagine a website with no words. No copy, no text, no written message. It would be heard to convey your product or service to your customers!

The words that you use on a website can easily make the difference between a good website and a great website. That’s why some people will hire professional copywriters to write the copy for their websites. But if you don’t want to hire someone, you can still improve your website with these 7 simple tips for improving the copy on your website. 

Identify Your Audience

It’s the first assignment that I give to any new client. You have to know who your target audience or customer is. Knowing this information allows you to be able to write in a way that shows them that you get them (more on that later). If you haven’t done so already, download my free guide that will help you identify who your target audience is. 

Write Clear & Concise Headlines

I’ve mentioned this before: people don’t read websites; they scan them. They’re not going to read every word on your website. What they are going to do is scan through it. That’s why your headlines have to be written in a way that captures their attention. Make it scannable and then … maybe then they’ll read a little more. 

Avoid Using Negative Text Where Possible

Keep things light. Keep them positive. You want to write things in a way that uplift and not use a negative tone or one driven with fear. Even simple phrases like “You won’t be disappointed with our service. Don’t hesitate to call” would sound better if written as “You’re sure to be happy with our service. Please call today.”

Talk About Them More Than You Talk About Yourself

I hate to break the bad news but even though it’s your business, it’s not about you. It’s about them! The number of times that you mention them using pronouns such as you, yours, them should far outweigh the number of times you use we, me and I. Using the word “you” makes their ears perk up a little. When we hear words like “you” makes us as customers feel included, special & connected because it’s more conversational, personal and relatable. 

Speak Their Language

Once you know your target audience (number one from above) you can then speak to them in a way that is familiar to them. You’d use humor in your copy if your business is laid back and easy going but you’d use a more serious and sensitive tone if you’re a lawyer or health professional. If your target audience is over 65, you can use different phrases and words than a business would that targets Millennials. 

Trim the Excess Content Where Applicable

Ask yourself: “Is this text necessary? Does it provide value? Is it relevant?” If the answer is no then you’re better off removing it. Keep it simple. “Don’t make them think. Make them do.”

Use Verbs & Multiple Words in Your CTAs

Your Call to Actions should be more than just “Order” or “Learn More” or “Call” … instead, add a few more words to be convincing and compelling. “Call Today” or “Learn 3 New Tips” is much more action oriented than a simple word on a button. 

… and that’s it! A handful of tips to improve the copy on your website. Granted, writing isn’t for everyone. For some it’s a gift but for others they’d rather be doing, well … just about anything else. I’d recommend hiring a copywriter to write your content. It can make a website go from good to great.

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