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Control the Online Conversation

Let’s say you need a spatula. It’s sudden and urgent. So you do a quick search online for the nearest spatula store and find “Spatula City” is open. Hooray! You find a place to park out front of their store. You walk in and are greeted by a kind woman who says, “Welcome to Spatula City. What can I help you with?” She listens to you talk about the cake that you’re making. You need a special spatula that’s going to help with the frosting. “Ah! I know what you’re talking about. I made a cake like that last week. Let me show you what we have that might help.” She walks with you over to a beautiful assortment of spatulas. You ask some questions. She provides some answers. You find the perfect spatula. It’s going to make that frosting technique so easy! You purchase the spatula and head back home ready to bake … complete with the perfect spatula. That was easy, right? 

What if it wasn’t that easy? It could go something like this: 

You pull up in front of the spatula store and get out of your car. But as you approach the door, you see an advertisement next-door for a sale they’re having on their shoes. Shoes! You head next door instead of the spatula store and find the most awesome pair of shoes. You come out, package in hand, and ask yourself, “Wait … what am I here for? Oh ya! A spatula!” You step inside Spatula City and see a few spatulas laid out. You see pictures hanging on the wall of the owner’s dogs … and grandbabies. You ring a buzzer to talk to someone but no one ever responds, at least not while you’re there. You lose interest. Maybe you can find that spatula somewhere else. That store next to ACE may have what you need 😉 

I’m not in the spatula business. So why am I telling you all this? 

It’s all about controlling the conversation online.

When you rely on social media as your way of marketing and selling your product, you lose the ability to control the conversation. When a potential buyer looks you up on Facebook or Instagram, they don’t see the full story. They see a picture here or there. The content they see is all in chronological order. No searching. No organization. No way of seeing the things YOU want them to see and the way YOU want them to see it. 

When you have a well-designed website and one that leads the viewer through the customer journey, YOU control the conversation. You meet them where they are. You talk about the problems they’re having and introduce the solutions you provide. You show some testimonials. You show some videos, pictures, or even a gallery. As they reach the bottom of the page, you give them a clear, easy-to-understand call to action. Buy now. Sale made. They’re happy. You’re happy. 

When you guide customers to your website, you control the conversation. 

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