Does It Matter Where You Put Your Testimonials?

I used to work at a grocery store when I was in high school. I started out bagging groceries and then went on to work in the dairy section. One thing I learned about working in the dairy was that it’s in the back of the store for a reason. Do you know why? Because milk is the number one thing people go to the grocery store for. It’s on everybody’s list! That means everyone has to walk by all that other “stuff” that that they might now have walked past otherwise. What does this have to do with testimonials on your website? 

cody edwards grocery store
It’s all about placement. 

Most people aren’t going to read your entire website. You’ll be lucky to have them read anything more than the homepage. I’ve seen some websites that have a page dedicated to testimonials. How many people do you suppose read that page? Probably not too many. It’s not a highly clicked page. Same with FAQs. Having either one on their own page of your website means that few people will read them. It’s like fabric softener. Do you remember what aisle that’s on? No. But you might walk past it on your way to pick up a gallon of milk!

That’s why it’s important to put those testimonials where it matters. Place them on the home page of the website where they’ll be seen! But there’s a trick … 

You need to put them in the right context. Say what? 

If you’re talking about the price of your product, then find a testimonial that talks about your pricing and put that right after you list your prices. Genius! Your readers are already thinking about pricing and wondering if they can afford you or if you’re worth it. But when they read that timely testimonial from a customer that talks about your pricing … tah-dah!  You’ve made more of an impact than you would if that was on its own testimonial page that never got looked at. 

EXAMPLE: I have a pricing page on my website. People are curious about the cost of a website so naturally, it’s one of my most visited pages on my website. Guess what I have right before and right after I list my prices? Yep. Testimonials. As an added bonus, they’re both videos. 

If you want to keep your testimonials together, that’s fine. Just make sure they’re on the homepage where they’ll be seen – not on their own separate page. 

BONUS TIP: Keep them simple! Nobody likes to read sentence after sentence of blah blah blah “they were great!” blah blah blah. Just cut out the pertinent, important parts that will resonate with your viewers. 

For 5 additional tips, check out this other article I wrote about testimonials on your website:

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