More Website Views with Facebook Boosted Posts

You might have the most beautiful website in the Bitterroot Valley … but if you don’t have eyeballs looking at, then it doesn’t matter that you have one or what you have on it. So is Facebook and Instagram a viable way to get more people to find you? Maybe. Let’s explore the idea!

The problem with Facebook is its limited reach. It used to be “back in the day” that you could post something to your Facebook page and all your followers would see it. Not anymore. If you have, let’s say 100 followers and you post about a sale you’re having. Do you know how many of your followers will see it? You can count the number on one hand. It’s between 2-5%! That’s it! In order for more people to see your post, it takes popularity and money. 


Facebook’s feed … the part where you aimlessly scroll and scroll while your’e standing in line or watching Netflix … is limited in its space. You can only cram so many posts, right? With so many people (and businesses) on Facebook, there’s just so much room for your post to “make it” and show up on people’s feed. That’s where it takes a popular post to be seen. When you first post a post, Facebook shares it with a limited number of people to see how it performs. If it does well – likes, comments, shares, etc. – then Facebook starts sharing it with others. That’s why your posts need to add value. The more value it offers, the more engagement it has – making it more popular and more seen. 


If your post lacks popularity and engagement, you can still be seen in someone’s feed … if you “pay to play.” In other words, you can “boost a post.” By boosting a post, you pay Facebook an amount of money to have your post display in more feeds. The more you pay, the more eyeballs that see your post about that sale you’re having. It doesn’t stop there. You can actually specify WHO will see your post. You can tell Facebook to only show it to women, between the ages of 45-65 and they have to live in the Bitterroot Valley. That’s a smart way to spend your ad dollars. 

How to Boost:

Boosting a post is relatively easy. Simply go to your Facebook business page and post something like you normally do. Then notice the “Boost” button at the bottom of the preview window. After you’ve turned the button on, click on Post … which will bring you to the Boost Post screen. From here you can determine your targeted audience, add a “learn more” button, determine the duration of the boosted post (or “ad”) along with your budget. Speaking of budget, it doesn’t cost a lot either. For just a few dollars a day you can reach hundreds of customers here in the Bitterroot Valley! Click on the Boost Post Now and then Facebook does the rest for you. Tah-dah!

Your website is the greatest selling tool that you have. But it doesn’t do any good if you don’t have people visiting it. Social media is a great way to get more eyeballs looking at your site, but you either have to have great posts or be willing to pay a little money to do so. 

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