Squarespace: A New Website Platform Option

Kids love to build things. Give them a set of building blocks and they can be entertained for hours. But what set of building blocks do you give them? For some, they need options. They want to create something creative, detailed and extra special. So you give them options. There’s Erector sets, Mega Bloks and K’nex to name a few. They may even work with a variety of sets to come up with the ultimate creation. The ideas and possibilities are endless!

But what if they don’t need all those options? What if they need something more simple. Their project may only require a few colors, a few different Lego pieces and that’s it. That’s all they need to create their design, their project. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering a second platform to create your small business website. I’m offering a simple option for those businesses that don’t need all the bells-and-whistles. For those that just need a simple website, I now offer websites built on the Squarespace platform. 

I have a full page on my website that talks about all the differences between Squarespace and WordPress. You can find it here. In fact, there’s even a 9-question quiz at the bottom of the page to walk you through which platform would be best for your website. In this short article, I wanted to highlight 2 things that are great about Squarespace and 2 things that you need to be aware of (the “not-so-great”).

The Good

Websites built with Squarespace are simple. They look good and can present your business to new & existing customers in a way that would make you proud. Best of all, they’re easy to work with, especially after they’re designed. After I create your website with Squarespace, it’s easy for you to go in afterward and add changes – whether it’s adding a new product for your e-commerce, updating some text or changing out a picture. Squarespace is easy to use. 

Squarespace is also more affordable. A great website is still an investment but because there’s less work and fewer options to consider, Squarespace is more affordable than WordPress. 

The Not-So-Great

Websites built with Squarespace are simple. I know I said that was a good thing … and it is. But it’s also very limiting. Squarespace doesn’t offer the design options that WordPress offers. There’s no plugins to install (although Squarespace does have some “extensions” you can use) so it’s harder to customize. You’re limited in design possibilities, including colors, fonts and layout. With WordPress, the possibilities are endless.

Along with that, there’s less flexibility. Your design elements such as pictures, graphics and text are limited to where they can be. You have to work within certain parameters to design your site. For some, that’s not a problem. But for those that want a custom designed site, Squarespace is not the best option. 

Is Squarespace right for your small business website? It might be. It might not. The exciting news is that you now have an option. Let’s set up a time to talk about your business. We’ll discover your needs and see what’s right for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But we can take a look at which solution will work best for you & your new website.

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