Using the “So What?” Test to Find the Real Benefit

What if I told you I sell farm fresh eggs. How might you respond to that? 

“So What?”

Great answer. Who cares that I sell farm fresh eggs? Why does that matter to you? 

People don’t care about the product or service you’re selling until they know what’s in it for them. It can have all the bells and whistles and be absolutely amazing and even sold at a great price – but until they know how it benefits them, they simply don’t care. 

That’s why we have the “So what?” test. It allows you to uncover the real benefits of your offer and the features of what you sell. 

How does it work? You simply make a statement, then ask yourself “So what?” as in “So what? What does this do for them?” until there are no answers left. This simple test will help you start telling your customers what the product or service does for THEM. 

Back to the farm fresh eggs that I sell.

“So what?” 

Our chickens are raised with room to grow and fed nutrition rich food.

“So what?”

We sell nutrient dense eggs from healthy, happy chickens. 

“So what?”

We sell eggs that provide you with the nutrition that your body deserves. 

Does that sound a little more enticing than the original statement? Give it a try with your product or service statements and see how you can improve with your descriptions. 

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