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What Happens When You Don’t Remember Your Credentials

Hopefully you have your usernames, passwords and account information all stored someplace safe – and somewhere that you can remember. If not, it can become a nightmare of a situation. Here’s what happen to a client of mine and the lessons you can learn from it.

Actually, she’s not technically a client of mine. Before she knew about me, she hired a company in Florida to re-design her website. That experience wasn’t great either but that’s another story for another time. But the site was nearly complete and ready to go live. All they needed was her domain information so they could point it to the new website. This is where things got bad. 

She didn’t have that information. She had registered her business domain back in the 1990s. Whoa! OK … I was able to do some research and found the company she had registered the domain with. The problem is she didn’t know the username or password to access her account. OK … I was able to contact support and we got the username. As for the password, all they could do was send her an email to the email on record to reset the password. But the email address they had on file was located at

Earthlink? Are you serious? I didn’t know they were still around. They were a popular email provider back in the 90s. She had no idea what her password was there either. We were starting to hit some serious roadblocks. That’s when we went back to the domain provider to see about setting up a new email address to recover the password. 

The only problem is that they won’t allow you to just create a new password on your file. I get it. It’s a security risk and a protection to their customers. Therefore, they needed some verification that she was who she really said she was. What did they request? 

  • Valid drivers license
  • Notarized letter that she was part of the company
  • Recent bill with the business address 
  • Copy of the business license
Wow. What a pain! 

This has been going on for the past week after several emails, texts, phone calls and in person meetings with this individual – who again, is not even a client. I’m happy to help her though. I hate to see the hassle and stress that she’s been under trying to get this resolved. She doesn’t understand the lingo and the language that these companies are speaking in. 

But it would have been a pain-free, stress-free scenario if she would have done 1 of 2 things: 

  • Worked with a local web designer
  • Saved her credentials, login information, passwords, etc. someplace she remembered

Also … when you do change your email provider, make sure that any accounts that you have associated with it are also updated. You never know when it can bite you like it did for this poor lady and her stressful situation.  

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