What If Every Business Used the Same Font?

Times New Roman. Arial. Comic Sans. Can you imagine if everyone used the SAME font in their business? What if McDonald’s, Walmart and UPS all used the same font in their logo? Bleh. Boring! Fonts are an amazing and sometimes subtle way to show the personality of your business. 

Fonts aren’t just in your logo though. If you’re consistent, you’ll use the same set of fonts in your business cards, building signage and yes – even on your website. 

If you’re an established business, you probably already have a font (or two) that you use. Great! But what if you’re looking for a complimentary font to go along with it … or perhaps you don’t have a set font that you use? That’s where Google and others can help. 

Google offers 1,048 free fonts that you can use on your website or download for printing as well. Wait … did I just say 1,048? Yes. That’s a lot of fonts. How can you possibly choose and navigate 1,048 fonts to find the right one? Fortunately, there’s websites that make this easy. 

Google’s Own Font Website:

https://fonts.google.com/ You can scroll, scroll and keep scrolling for days on end to reach the bottom of this list. Fortunately they have categories in a drop down menu to help you sort by serif (the little “something extra” you see on the end of a letter – makes them a little more fancy if you will), or by handwriting or display fonts. There’s also a drop-down for font properties that provides a slider thickness, slant, etc. One of the great things about the site is you can type in a word such as the name of your business and see how it looks in all the fonts as you scroll through the list. I love it. 

You’ll often have one font for your headlines and another font for subtitles or general text. How does one font look paired with another? That’s where the Reliable PSD website comes in handy. It’s the “ultimate collection of Google font pairings displayed with beautifully with classic art. You can sort by style and mood to help manage the list … and from there, you can see how fonts like Roboto Bold and Lora Regular look liked when used together. 

If you really want to geek out on the font pairing, two others sites are worth looking into: Fontpair shows what font pairings look like on sample websites. The other is Pagecloud where professional designers have handpicked 50 of their favorite Google font pairings. 

All the websites that I build use Google fonts. It’s part of the Elementor page building experience. What’s great about using Google fonts with Elementor is that I can set a font for the main headline and every time I create a headline, that same font is used. But then if I want to try a different font, I just have to change the font for the main headline and it changes it for every headline throughout the website. That’s awesome. 

If you have questions about fonts – existing ones, new ones or just need an opinion, let me know. Always happy to offer my font opinion. 

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