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10 Ingredients Every Homepage Should Have

Ahh … the seven layer dip. All those yummy ingredients layered on top of each other. Scoop up a bite with a tortilla chip and you have a delicious snack (or meal?). Who doesn’t love a good seven layer dip? 

But …

  1. What if the layers were out of order. Would that matter? For the most part, not necessarily. Although you may hear arguments from some where the cheese goes. 
  2. What if we left the beans out … or the cheese? Would that make a difference? Absolutely. 

The homepage of your website is just like a seven layer dip, only with fewer calories. 

It’s made up of all kinds of delicious ingredients, such as testimonials, snippets from your blog, calls to action, information about your business, etc. Each one playing a key role in the effectiveness of your website. Failing to include an effective header at the top of your homepage is like leaving the beans out of the dip. Bleh!

All in all there are 10 key elements to an effective homepage of your website. The order? Not as important, but I’ll list them in the order that tends to be the most effective: 

  1. Header (includes your logo and navigation)
  2. What You Do (the problem your customers have and the solution that you offer)
  3. Testimonial (short, simple & applicable)
  4. List of Services/products that you offer
  5. Your Featured Asset (often something you give away to lure customers or exchange for an email)
  6. About
  7. Latest Articles from Your Blog
  8. What will life be like without your service/product … and what will life be like with your service/product
  9. Call to Action (what one action do you want them to take when they reach the bottom of your website)
  10. Footer (aka “Junk Drawer”)

That is a well organized, effective homepage with a strategy and purpose. It’s arranged in a way that inspires your customers to take action. It’s more than just information about your product or services. It’s a strategic website that will grow your small business. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll dive deeper into these 10 “ingredients” and explain them in more detail. 

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