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3 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Homepage

Those first impressions. They mean so much. Whether it’s that first date, the job interview and in this case – the homepage of your website. It’s the first page that your visitors are going to see. If it doesn’t load fast enough, they’re going to leave and go somewhere else. If it does load in time, what will they see – where will their eyes land? You’ve got about 15 seconds to convince your viewer that your website is worth spending some time. 15 seconds. It’s not a very long time. So how does your homepage stack up? 

I have created three (3) resources for small business owners to help improve the homepage of their website: 


Take this short 20-question quiz about your homepage to find your score (from 1-100) and see what category you fall into. It’s a great opportunity to look at your website and think about some questions and design elements you may not have thought about before. 


Next, download the 20 point comprehensive checklist and guide to help you make your homepage as effective as it can be to help your viewers take action. Learn what every homepage MUST have as well as a short list of things you must avoid as well. It’s more than a checklist as each point is followed by a detailed description to help you maximize that first impression on your website. 


Finally, have a custom analysis or assessment of your website by a professional web designer. This more than just running your website through a series of automated tests. This is about me taking the time to look through your website and provide you with professional feedback on what looks great and is working well on your site along with a list of things that can be improved. You can then make the changes or have your developers implement them … or if you’d like to have a custom proposal for a site re-design, we can have that discussion as well. There’s no obligation and it’s free as well. 

Your website’s homepage is the single most important page on your website. Decisions will be made regarding whether customers will move forward and do business with you or look elsewhere. Make sure it’s optimized, effective and the best that it can be. 

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