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Animations To Help Showcase Your Business

It’s always exciting to announce a new service that I offer to benefit your small business marketing needs. I’m excited to announce custom animations to help showcase your business, products, or service. We’re not talking about Saturday morning cartoons. This is all about those captivating whiteboard and chalkboard animations that are so popular today.

Do you remember watching Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting? As a kid, I’d remember turning on the TV and as I flipped through the channels, I’d come to PBS and see him painting a beautiful landscape. I wasn’t really into painting, but there was something mesmerizing about watching him paint. What would he do with that empty space over there? Can he really paint trees with THAT color? It was fascinating to see what he was creating and how the painting would turn out.

What is it that people find so fascinating about watching someone create something? Have you seen those GIFs where people just toss in the ingredients and then show you how to make the word’s most delicious croissants? Again, I’m no cook but watching them captures my attention. There’s actually a science behind it all. It’s called mirror neurons and they’re activated when you watch someone else do something. You have the feeling that it’s you doing I, which may explain the extra dos of dopamine upon the completion of an image. It’s our brain reacting as if we were the ones that completed the illustration – so we continue watching and feel engaged with the video.

There’s a place for traditional videos, webcams, Power Point, etc. but here are some advantages of having a whiteboard or chalkboard animation:

  • No need to appear in front of the camera or hire actors.
  • They’re entertaining and eye-catching.
  • They provide a good way to explain concepts in a simple, engaging way.
  • They’re warm and charming, like watching a creative friend with a marker in hand drawing something fun and enlightening.
  • The sky is the limit! We can draw and create anything to your story & showcase your business any way that we want.

Speaking of customizable, there are no limits to the graphics that we can use. We can use your logo, a graphic that you found on the Internet (with permission of course). We can even use a doodle that you made on a napkin! We’re not limited to whiteboards either. We can draw with chalk on a chalkboard. We can draw on a glass board with a marker. We can even draw on any picture as a background. In fact, we can get REALLY creative and even draw on moving video clip. There is no limit to the possibilities. We can keep it simple. Or we can make it more detailed and creative.

Whether over the phone or in person, let’s talk about what we can create!

Ready to have an animation created for you? The process couldn’t be any easier. Let’s start with a phone call or we can meet and we’ll talk about your needs. Once we have a direction and goal in mind, we’ll work out a script. We can either use a voice over or just have words/text on the screen. We’ll then talk about a story board and what we’ll want to depict on the screen. After that, the magic happens! I’ll create the animation and find the right music … and tah-dah! You’ll have a great animation that you can use on your website, post to your social media channels, etc.

Because the process is simple and the animations are affordable, you can have multiple animations done over a period of time to keep it fresh, entertaining and engaging for your customers. They’ll be watching you sell your business like Bob Ross creating a painting masterpiece.

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