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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Video Made for My Business?

There’s no doubt that video is driving social media content today. Everywhere you look there’s video. Some of the most successful videos that you see today were done by amateurs who pull out their phone and click record. But then there are those really nice videos that you can tell are professional. You know, the ones with the nice edits & transitions. Maybe there’s a voice over and a good soundtrack playing (copyright-free) music. There might be an awesome animation of their logo at the end or other graphics overplayed on top of the video. How much do those kind of videos cost? How much does it cost to produce those kind of videos?

To further clarify the kinds of business videos that exist, there are long-form and short-form videos. Long-form videos are generally longer than 2 minutes. There’s a place for those kind of videos but the kinds of videos we’re talking about are short-form, generally about 60-90 seconds (you know, because we have limited attention spans). These videos tell your story, explain an offer, showcase a product, etc. 

Because your video isn’t going to be shown on the IMAX screen in Missoula or even the Pharoplex in Hamilton, you don’t need to have your video shot on Hollywood style cameras. Nor do you need to have elaborate lighting and sound equipment … or a producer, director, costume designer, etc. That might work for a big business in a big city on a big budget, but my focus is on small businesses in the Bitterroot Valley. You don’t need that kind of video. 

A small business in the Bitterroot Valley can have a beautiful, professional video without having to spend their entire year’s marketing budget. The cost of your video isn’t going towards the expensive equipment and crew. Lower overhead on my part means lower costs on yours. I still have amazing equipment to help your video look (and sound) its best, but consumer grade equipment means your costs are lower as well. 

The cost to create a professional, 2-minute video to help showcase & promote your video is approximately $350. Custom quotes and projects are welcomed as well but $350 is a good estimate to the cost of your video. What goes into that cost?


  • Video shot with an iPhone 11+ and/or a Canon M50 mirrorless DSLR camera
  • DJI Mavic Mini drone (I am a Part 107 FAA certified drone pilot)
  • Wireless microphones for up to 2 people to speak from as far away as 100 feet and have it sound like you’re standing next to the camera
  • 50 bulb LED light
  • Various tripods depending on the scene
  • And so much more … seriously … I have multiple backpacks full of equipment

Post Processing:

  • I edit on a MacBook Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (monthly subscription)
  • I subscribe to a music service called Soundstripe that provides amazing, copyright free music to play alongside your video
  • I have other subscriptions and plugins to enhance your video ranging from graphics, transitions, animations, and much, much more.

Then there’s the skillset and talent that it takes to put all the equipment and editing together to create the video. I’ve been shooting videos since the late 80s. My college degree is in Technology Administration. I have decades of home videos archived on DVDs with custom cases. 

In the end, there’s an affordable option for small businesses in the Bitterroot Valley to have professional videos made to showcase their services and market their products. There are times where you need more than your own cell phone to shoot a quick video … but not to the extent of having a Hollywood style video. The sweet spot is a $350 video that gives you both a professional video on a small business budget.

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