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Ulanzi U Rig for Shooting Mobile Videos

I’ve been using an Oslo 3 gimbal for sometime for shooting videos with my iPhone, but I needed something that offered some versatility. I needed something that I could leave on my tripod and quickly throw my camera into. I needed something that I could add a microphone, light, etc. to. I needed something that was inexpensive. That’s where the camera rig from Ulanzi came into the picture. 

I’ve had this camera rig for some time. I bought it six months ago back in December and have been using it on a regular basis. It’s not new out of the box and something I have little experience with. Granted, I don’t have experience with other rigs but for a first time rig, you can’t go wrong. 

There are three things in particular that I love about the Ulanzi U Rig: 

  1. Price
  2. Using it on a tripod
  3. Flexibility and options for shooting videos with my phone

First, the price. It’s only gone up $5 since I bought it back in December and as of today, you can still buy it for just $25. It’s made out of plastic but I still feel like it’s light and yet sturdy. If for some reason I broke it, I feel like $25 isn’t too much to pay for another … but I doubt I’ll have to. 

Second, I keep it stored on my tripod. It has the standard mountain screw hole on the bottom (and even the top for more creativity!) and I attach that to my tripod’s mounting bracket. When it’s on my tripod, it’s easy to quickly put my phone in and take either a selfie or record a video. But then if I need it for moving around to capture a video, I can quickly take it off and use it that way as well. 

Last, the flexibility and being able to attach additional accessories to it, whether it be a boom mic, LED lights, etc. Plus, by gripping it with both hands and knowing that the phone is completely secure and stable, I can capture amazingly smooth cinematic shots without using a gimble. 

The Ulanzi U rig is one of the least expensive tools that I have at my disposal and yet one that I use probably as much as any other tool in my camera bag (or tripod).

Learn more about the company Ulanzi.

Purchase the Ulanzi U Rig for $25 on Amazon.

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