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Why a Website Designed By Touch Point Designs Is Different

You have several options when it comes to having a website designed for your small business. If you have time, you can always go the do-it-yourself route. If you have a professional design it, you can choose from a number of different options in Missoula or even go more remote and find a designer anywhere in the world. So what makes me different? Why would you hire me, Cody Edwards, to design your small business website?  

  1. Locally Designed
  2. Integrated Video
  3. Marketing Strategy

Cody does an amazing job at video & website services

– Kathleen Petersheim
Locally Designed

Technology allows us to communicate with people all over the world. We can use our phones, tablets and computers to Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. That’s pretty awesome. I spent a lot of time with emails and phone calls in my previous job as I worked with clients across the United States. But I missed working face-to-face with people. I missed visiting with them one-on-one in their place of business. I missed having them stop in my office to drop off a flash drive. 

There’s something different when you hire a local designer. We get to have those face-to-face, one-on-one conversations. From drop-ins to scheduled appointments, we get to see each other which makes for more effective communication. We get to see each other smile. We get to know each other better. We might even see each other when we’re shopping at Super 1. 

To me, working with a local designer means you not only get to work with someone local, you get to become friends as well and deepen those relationships. When we work AND see each other, we’re not only doing business together but we become friends as well. 

Integrated Video

Video is the fastest and easiest way for you to connect with people. In fact, there’s a great marketing power behind video. That’s why every social media channel now has Stories where you can watch video snippets that last just 24 hours. It’s why YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine (“How do I …”). It’s why Facebook will show your videos to more of your followers than it will just text or a picture. So what does that have to do with your website? 

Attention grabbing or awareness videos on Facebook and Instagram are great. Their purpose? To inspire visitors to click and visit your website. Mission accomplished. Should that be the end of the videos though? Absolutely not. The homepage of your website is the perfect place to show a 2 minute explainer video. Offering a free quote or estimate at the bottom of every page? Put a video with it to show what the process looks like. There are so many places that you can include video on your website to help keep your viewer engaged, informed and moving towards taking action. 

When you work with me, we can integrate video into your website. We can do it in the beginning phases of your design or add it in later. By hiring me, you get not only a professional web designer, but a videographer as well. I can create professional videos for your business using state-of-the-art technology, drone footage, animations and awesome soundtracks to help market to your visitor. But I can also help YOU shoot your own videos and then incorporate on-going videos to your site for fresh, exciting new content on your website. 

Marketing Strategy

Your small business website should be more than just information. It’s more than a place to list your hours, your services and what you do. It’s more than a few pretty pictures of where you work. It should be designed with a strategy aimed at moving customers from getting to know you to taking action and becoming a client or customer. 

That’s where I come in. I listen to podcasts, read blogs and study a host of websites to learn how to design effective websites. That’s why a website designed by Touch Point Designs is different. There’s a purpose in placing that testimonial in that location. There’s a reason why we create the About Us page the way that we do. There’s an actual strategy, based on conversations and planning sessions that we have together that creates a website that flows and that takes the customer on a journey to where they feel inspired to take action. 

Because I’m a local designer, we can get together at my office and sit down and talk about what your next website will look like. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Click here and let’s set up a time to meet for a free consultation and talk about creating an amazing website for your small business. 

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