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The 1st Step to Business Success: Discover Your Ideal Customer

Before you start creating that first Facebook post, before you send out your first mailer, before you begin any kind of marketing for your service or product, there’s one thing that you need to do. But if you’ve been in business for a few years already, it’s not too late. You just need to do this one thing as well before you go any further. You need to discover and establish your ideal customer or buyer persona. Let’s dive into what it is, how you discover it and what it means to the success of your business. 

Imagine for a moment that there are 100 people lined up outside your business ready to come in and do business with you … but, you can only pick one of them. Which one would be? Which client or customer is the ideal one, the one that will be the best to work with, spend the most money, and benefit the most from working with you? This is the person you love working with. They need you and you love working with them. They need your service, content and products. This is your ideal customer. 

That doesn’t mean that you won’t work with other customers or with clients that don’t fall into that category. Being clear on your ideal customer allows you to not only attract that kind of customer but it helps you be clear in your marketing as well. 

One way to describe an ideal customer is “a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorize people into groups. The avatar focuses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.” (source

The beauty of identifying or discovering your ideal customer is that you’ll understand the best way to reach them (marketing) and what techniques work the best, how you should write your content, etc. 

For example, if you work in the furniture industry and you’ve determined that your ideal customer is a woman, then you would know not to advertise that end table by saying it would make a great place to put your dip for the big game on Saturday. Instead, you’d take it from a more feminine angle instead. 

In other words, if you are not clean on who your ideal customer is, then your message will be “1) unclear, 2) totally diluted, and 3) lacking relevance. You know the saying, “When you try to attract everyone you’re going to attract no one.”” (source)

So now you have to ask yourself, how do you discover your ideal customer? While it does take some work, it’s a relatively easy process when you ask the right questions. You can download a free worksheet to guide you through the discovery phase by clicking here. 

One of the steps in creating your ideal customer is giving them a name. By doing so, you make it personal. You make them real. Let’s say that my ideal client is a male between the ages of 45-55. In the worksheet mentioned above, you’ll identify a lot more about him, but let’s assume we named him Gary. Gary represents everything about your ideal customer. What does that mean for you? 

That means that everything you do moving forward that’s customer facing should be addressed to Gary. You should write with him in mind. You should advertise where Gary spends his time. You need to write your copy in a way that will resonate with how Gary thinks. You’re in mind his mind. You get him. You understand him. You know his pain points and what his problems are and by so doing, you know exactly how show him how your product or solution is perfect for him. 

When I’m writing a post on Facebook, shooting a video or adding copy to my website, I’m doing so with Gary in mind. I pretend that he’s sitting in the chair across from my desk. What questions does he have? Does this make sense to him? In the end, the “more focused you are, the easier everything becomes and you tend to attract who you are focused on serving.” (source)

Download the free worksheet and start discovering who your ideal customer is. It’s the next step that you should take in your business to have a better understanding of how to market your business and see it grow with optimal success. 

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